Your Dedicated Web-Based Pension

At Pension Technology Group delivering
web-based pension administration
solutions for Public Employee Pension
Funds seamlessly is our group’s
sole focus since our inception.


Technology Group

Your one-stop-solution for web-based
pension administration and managerial
solutions. Delivering a result-oriented,
market-competitive, and streamlined
implementation methodology for our clients.

PTG PensionPro™

What it Can Do for You.

The PTG PensionPro™ was built from the ground up as a web-based application, with membership data security at the forefront of the core system’s design. 100% of PTG’s clients are running on the same core application, which provides for a more effective, seamless, and productive means of protecting and maintaining the application.

Our team manages all updates, upgrades, and backups for all our clients, which helps reduce the pension fund’s internal technology expenses. Membership data is protected 24/7 and 365 days a year by exceptionally trained data security professionals and support staff.


PTG PensionPro™

Features that Make A Difference

Easy To Use

The PTG PensionPro™ system is fully-functional and straightforward to use.


No Hidden Fees, & No Surprises. The PTG PensionPro™ helps pensioners to save their funds.

Membership & Reporting Tools

Member contribution processing and validation combined with precision reporting tools make the system functional and secure.

Get Started with

Pension Technology Group

As a PTG client, you have the ability to deal directly with the decision-makers of our group. The PTG team consists of former pension board administrators, pension board trustees, former investment professionals, and a technology team that has successfully delivered over 200 web-based pension systems. The system provides,

  • Fully-Functional Web-Based Pension Administration System
  • Retirement Estimates & Calculations
  • Member Contribution Processing & Validation
  • Buybacks, Refunds & Rollovers
  • Member/Retiree Self Service Model

At PTG, we continuously strive towards accomplishing our mission to change the way public employees acquire and implement pension administration systems. Our Approach is designed to expedite implementation time quickly, reduce project costs, and extend the software lifecycle while maximizing the return on the fund’s actual investment.

Pension Technology Group

We Are Redefining & Reshaping the Future of Pension Management.

At PTG, we precisely tailor all our projects to address the specific needs of the client’s fund while being the providence of a seamless and cost-effective pathway towards a brighter future.


PTG implementation team brings the perfect combination of private as well as public sector defined benefits for all pensioners. The team at PTG is a great personal asset. PTG demystifies the complex world of personal finance and pension management.

Jonah, Leigh Sr.

The Pension Technology Group provides excellent and professional pension management and administration services through its precision technology management systems. I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for independent pension administration services. They also offer flexible fee structures to accommodate pension funds budgetary constraints.

Kevin Aura N.

The team at PTG is exceptionally professional in managing all the updates, upgrades, and backups for their clients. This, as a result, helps to reduce the pension fund’s internal technology expenses and provides a cost-effective solution. All their plans are flexible and highly customizable around the schedules of the fund. I am delighted by their services. The PTG PensionPro is terrific!

Nancy Williams

Our Personalized


See our tailored packages ranging from Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. Our cost-effective packages enable all our clients to reap the benefits of their pension plans


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