Why Zeg

As your company grows, so does your IT challenges. It becomes difficult to grow the business and take care of your IT needs at the same time. You need an IT partner to help you plan a technology strategy to provide you with full IT support and fast resolution to critical issues. Building your own IT department may not be cost effective for everyone. We provide a flat-rate fee to allow you to simplify your IT budget.

We provide managed IT Security and Network services to companies throughout the state of Texas. We believe in delivering outstanding managed IT Support while consistently striving to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

Better Value: Our solutions help decrease risk, increase productivity, cut operational costs and provide incredible value.

Faster Resolution: Our remote monitoring services allow us to keep tabs on the health of our clients’ IT environment, change and update systems, and troubleshoot problems on an ongoing basis.

Dedicated Support: We anticipate issues, 24/7 manage your IT services, and respond quickly to your needs to prevent downtime

Predictable Cost: ZEG Solutions flat-fee model makes it easy to forecast your IT costs with no hidden fees or surprises along the way.