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WeMotivate is an organisation that aims to raise awareness about Mental health by improving well-being and tackling challenging behaviours within young people. Our plan is to really get involved in the local communities providing support to all who need it through various Therapeutic programs. These Programs will be implemented to students between the ages 8 – 18 years old. We will be working in partnership with schools to gauge what best suits each individual.

Within each of the Therapeutic Programmes, we will use different approaches to tackle different issues.

Firstly, students with challenging behaviors, we aim to use Sports Programs. Through the use of different sports and environments, we will teach them discipline and show how this can be encouraged into their everyday routines.

Our Performing Arts programmes, will be aimed at students who may need to improve their self-esteem, supporting them with growth in confidence, team building skills along with their social interaction.

Lastly, Music & Art therapeutic programmes will be implemented with a calm environment to help support students who may also suffer with some challenging behaviours like ADHD.

Our key approach is being able to motivate the students in to positive directions, within their schools, Along side their everyday life. As we know that some problems can come from home.

We will offer 1-1 sessions to understand the student and decide which class we think will be most meaningful to them and then guide them the whole way through the course.

Christian Assombalonga

Founder & Director

Christian Assombalonga is the founder of WeMotivate, a former professional footballer and university graduate with a degree in Sociology. Christian is very passionate about making a positive change in young people he believes, young people need that positive interaction and motivation constantly, giving them that belief to succeed in anything they wish to do. Christian grew up in a rough estate in northwest London. Involved in anti-social behaviors and getting involved with the wrong crowd, luckily he managed to pull him and his brother away from it all but with his experiences he wants to guide the young people of today with the things that he believes would of had an positive impact with him at the early crucial stages growing up.

Christian Assombalonga

Ashley Bankole


Ashley Bankole a university graduate with a degree in Sports coaching and Physical Education, So has a well rounded keen interest in sport. He has played for a fair share of non-league teams semi professionally and enjoys coaching across of all ages. A Vast experience in football coaching with an FA level 2 in coaching and is pushing to get all his advanced qualifications done. Has a great passion for integrating sports to the community and using that as a tool, bringing together a positive mental, emotional and physical lifestyle.

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