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Washington Legal Corp

Providing Complete Representation For The Local Churches
In The Litigation Process.


Welcome To
Washington Legal Corp

Guidance In Legal Issues And Complicated Entitlement
Concerns For Church Ministries.


Welcome To
Washington Legal Corp

Politically Independent, Christian-Based Social Activism Services
For All Ministries And Churches In The United States.

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About Us

Washington Legal Corporation is a group dedicated to helping ministries and churches in their litigation issues.

We represent local churches in various litigation processes and are a non-governmental body. The funding’s for our organization is solely based on members’ dues, contributions, and grants from private foundations and institutions.

Civil Litigation and By-Laws and articles of incorporation are our core services.


The provision of legal aid to the Christian ministries is the crux of our organization’s existence.

Our Services

Our services center around providing complete litigation services to the churches and ministries while providing them with the platform for free speech, and the ability to defend the Holy Bible. With our members by our side, we stand strong in faith.

Civil Litigation Articles of Incorporation

All our expert civil litigation attorneys assist different churches in a wide variety of litigation matters and various court processes. bfjfbksdjfbksfsdfsdfsdfs

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Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

Our professional attorneys provide full-service representation inclusive of tax exemption issues, incorporation, and board governance problems.

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