Works like a nasal pillow CPAP mask but without tubing or a machine.


Whether you are a light or a heavy snorer, the EPAP can be adjusted to your need.

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Snoring affects most of the adult
population, and can have adverse
effects on your health.

If you are not ready to give up your CPAP machine, use the EPAP mask during travels. Ideal for use during flight. Provent and Theravent EPAP devices are great devices that have been successfully shown to work for many people with snoring and sleep apnea.

OptiPillows EPAP mask works using a similar technology as Provent and Theravent. Keep it in your pocket, use it and reuse it many times. It cannot be any easier ! Wear it and go to sleep. The mask does the rest. Wear it and take it off as many times as you wish.

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Does it really work

Without A CPAP Machine?

What is OptiPillows™

OptiPillows is an EPAP nasal mask. It is not a CPAP mask.
With CPAP, one needs a CPAP machine…

How is the EPAP mask used?

Wear it like a CPAP mask and breathe normally. During
inspiration the valve opens allowing you…

Helpful Hints

When you start using the mask, keep the expiratory
resistance open wide until you get…

FDA Cleared Technology
Don’t get caught snoring without it !. Keep it in your
pocket and use it when needed.

Tired of your CPAP machine?

Are you tired of your CPAP machine? An effective alternative is
here. We introduce a new EPAP mask, OptiPillows…

Studies published in medical journals

Studies published in medical journals have shown that EPAP
devices work well for all severities of obstructive…

OptiPillows uses EPAP technology

OptiPillows uses EPAP technology, FDA cleared for treating
snoring and obstructive sleep apnea…

Highly recommended that the EPAP mask

It is highly recommended that the EPAP mask be used with the
lowest resistance for as long as necessary until the…

How much pressure does the EPAP mask generate?

Studies were conducted under well controlled conditions, and the
following results were obtained…

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The EPAP Mask is backed by sound physiological
and clinical data.

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