About Us

Based in East London, Prime London Homes have an enthusiastic team who are always determined o do their best in achieving excellent results both for us our and investors. Our team members bring a wide variety of skill sets and talents to the table but we all share a common goal and a united work ethic. We promote a work hard, play hard attitude and we have the ability to back this up with consistent results.

Our team comes from an experienced background and from reputable names in the industry. Our key to success is to know our industry well and hence we have created a reputable name for ourselves as an example in our field and niche. We have learnt through challenges and have strengthened ourselves; we are prepared for what lies ahead and are ready to achieve more. With our vast experience in our work, you can be confident that your investment is secure with us.

We own a considerable investment portfolio and are aiming for further growth. We welcome investors who have been interested in property investment and with expertise we can take your investment further.

Our course of years, we have formed trusted partnerships in every field of property industry. Our networks of associations include solicitors, architects, planners, builders, estate agents and trusted contractors within the real estate world. When taking care of property developments and investment, we need trusted partnerships within the sector to enable smooth and quick returns.