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Welcome to national document centre

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Dedicated Student Loan Counselors and Financial Professionals, Here to Help.


Our Student Loan Counselors Are Always There to Assist You.

See how you as a Student, can use our assistance to get your Student Loans Pardoned, Canceled or Discharged.


We have professional student loan counselors who will guide you with dedication. Having more than thirty years of managerial experience, all our counselors and analysts help students through the whole loan contingency processes seamlessly. At the National Document Center, all counselors value your time and are honest in analyzing your financial situations while providing you with the most exceptional solutions.

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We are here to support you throughout your financial shortfalls with our programs and services.

three programs & services may assist you
with multiple benefits

Income Based Payments

Finding suitable solutions for paying off student loans can be quite daunting for college graduates and university students. With our income-based loan programs assistance, you can help get back on the track and pay your student loans productively. In the income-based loan repayment programs, all payments are based on the income you earn. If you as an earner or student expect your salary packages to remain low over the next years, then income-based repayment programs are a great option. This program works best for those students you receive a substantial break-even salary.

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Loan Consolidation Prep

Loan consolidation programs for student loans were created to make it simpler for borrowers to pay off their debts. Our loan consolidation preparation services help students to simplify their repayment processes and save money. With loan consolidation programs, student loans either federal or private, are payable in one-payment terms to one lender, once a month. Ideally, you, as a student, would qualify for debt consolidation after graduation.

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More Than Just Experts

At the National Document Center, we have helped lots of student loan borrowers deal with their burdens. Through our expertise and immaculate staff of counselors, we can understand the dynamics of loan borrowing and pay. With the continually changing regulatory landscape, it has become all the more difficult for student loan borrowers to understand the programs and the options that may work for them. In a situation like this, NDC helps students to have better control of their finances and pay their loans effectively.

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Get Ready To Take Control Of
Your Finances.

Our specialized team believes in giving you their attention and time to comprehend and analyze your financial situation. A suitable program for your student loans will be determined, followed by our professional document processing team that will do your paperwork for submission to the Department of Education.


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