More Life.
More Years. More Love.

Handcrafted food for your pets with love and wholesome ingredients, infused with medicinal properties of CBD, adding all the more years of love in your pet’s life.


A smarter , Healthier Pet Food.
For Your Dog

We have freshly prepared meals made from human-grade ingredients
approved by the local authorities – we make food for dogs, not dog food!


Organic Food. Made Fresh.
Delivered to Doorstep

We boldly display our packaged food as healthy since we are the only whole-food brand to validate the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD products – you’ll see the difference!

About CBD Edibles

Why we’re doing this

Why do we like to hand cook your delicious cookie recipes?

We love dogs, really love them. Nothing gives us more joy than a wagging tail and a wet nose.
We all know that the dry dog food picked up at the local pet store is filled with preservatives to prevent it from spoiling and who knows how old are the ingredients used.
That is why we are worried about this country’s dogs. Concerned that they’re not getting a healthy diet, as their food is tremendously processed. It’s an identical day in, day out, it has a shelf life consisting of years, and it does not even need the fridge. What’s even worse, it hasn’t changed in decades.

We think our pets deserve better. And that’s why Munchies Dog Edibles has decided to do something about it.

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Better for them. Easier for you.

Delight your lovely dog. Munchie Dog Edibles delivers handpicked food, treats, chews, cookies infused with CBD oil and much more, straight to your door.

Eat Healthier Together. Live Longer Together.

Keep Your Pets Safe with Munchies Dog Edibles!


FRESH INGREDIENTS: We source pesticide-free, non-GMO, meats and veggies from the local farms for our cookies and chews.
GENTLY COOKED TO PRESERVE NUTRIENTS: Slowly cooked for almost two hours to preserve nutrients and deliver an explosion of flavor your dog could go nuts for.
INFUSION OF CBD OIL: All our edible cookies and chewables have an infusion of CBD oil drops that impart them with amazingly effective anti-inflammatory properties.

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Feeding your dog the healthiest,
at affordable rates and free delivery.


4000 Benning road n.e.#311
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Call us

202 760-9768

Free Shipping

Feeding your dog the healthiest, at affordable rates and free delivery.


4000 Benning road n.e.#311

Washington DC

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