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At Wellness IV Infusion Therapy we aim for patient centered care providing personalized, preventive, & precision medicine to meet the micronutrient needs of our clients. We offer customized & personalized intravenous therapy to suite every patient’s cellular requirements.

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Why Intravenous
Micronutrient Infusion

Our bodies are complex pieces of biomolecular machinery performing trillions of biochemical reactions every second of everyday on a cellular level to maintain a state referred to as allostasis.


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Why Our Micronutrient

All our infusion are made by a specialized infusion compounding pharmacy. This pharmacy is recognized as a leader in the infusion compounding field. Their standards for safety, sterility, and quality far exceed current regulation and requirements and they have the accreditations to prove it. We chose to use a specializes Pharmacy with these types of safety, sterility, and quality measures in place to bring the best infusions in the business to our client population. Most infusions on the market are being compounded by medical providers or medical staff members without following current regulations and requirements for sterility and quality put in place to protect the safety of clients. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding current

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“I feel great. This was my first wellness infusion and having it done in my own hotel was nice. Flexible scheduling with immediate response and they come to you. Very professional, I will definitely do it again.


“I highly recommend Wellness IV Infusion Therapy as the place to provide you with the IV Infusion Therapy.

I have been under the personalized IV Vitamin infusion therapy for about four months and immediately after the first section I felt the positive impact of the treatment. My energy level has increased, my work out routines performance is becoming much easier, endurance during outdoor running has enhanced, and my sleep quality has improved. And I continue to notice improvement in my overall health.

Marc is extremely professional and he has provided me with the most efficient and attentive service. He is well-versed in all things health related matters and his knowledge is extremely impressive. During our sections he takes his time to explain the process in detail including what I should expect during and after the process. Marc has taken a personal interest in my overall well being and always follow up after a treatment. The personalized IV Vitamin infusion therapy has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend it.”

Efrain Santiago

“Highly recommend their services. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable.”

Chase P

“This company is great. I've been using the service for over a year. The benefits are amazing. They are mobile, come to my home or office, so it's no wait, and no hassle. My infusions are personalized to my bodies needs. If your looking for an infusion service this is the one.”

Michele Rodgers

“They have a great service and the benefits of their infusions are amazing.
Highly recommend. The quality and service are the best you will find. Definitely beneficial to anyone.”

Diffuse Yourself

“I have been using this company for almost a year. They have great service and come right to my office.
The benefits and results with the personalized infusion are amazing. They were a little more expensive then other infusion company but their infusions are far superior than any others.”

Carolyn Martinez

“I have been using this company for almost a year. They have great service and come right to my office.
The benefits and results with the personalized infusion are amazing. They were a little more expensive then other infusion company but their infusions are far superior than any others.”

Carolyn Martinez

“My husband and I began our IV infusion therapy going on my fifth month and I have not only seen but also felt a great difference in my health, my skin, energy levels and overall a great feeling of wellness. The staff is very professional, caring, knowledgeable and I not only recommend them with my patients, my friends and family but with anyone in need of improving and bettering their quality of life and wellness. I highly recommend Wellness IV Infusion, and their team of professionals.”


“I was skeptical about spending the money for the IV infusion therapy, and I'm sure most people are. I have had done the therapy for three months in a row now. The infusions ARE LIFE CHANGING. Period! The difference it had made in my overall health has been incredible. Get off your wallet and get infused!”

Joshua Hachigian

“What a awesome company, I heard about this from one of my bridesmaids a couple days before my wedding we all got the Beauty IV Infusion. Everyone was looking and feeling their best on my wedding day thank you so much. Can't wait to try some of the other infusions they offer definitely recommend you try this!!!”

Elleanor Duvonte

“What an amazing company they are very professional. I scheduled my appointment and they came out to my house and gave me a Total Body Wellness IV infusion. After my IV infusion I felt great, very relaxed and replenished. Can't wait to try some of their other IV infusions!”

michael angelo

“This mobile wellness iv therapy has been a game changer for me and my family. Now, at the convenience of my home and time, I am able to get my
monthly vitamin/amino/antioxidant infusion quick and easy. Everything me and my family are getting are tailored based on our micronutrient sub-optimal or deficiencies. We never get sick anymore, we feel extremely energetic, the vibe in my home is way better, and i cannot be more thankful to this company. he combination of treatment protocols and programs has me feeling younger, energetic, focused, happier, and sleeping better. We have noticed improvements in our body composition, stress tolerance, digestion, immune function, skin/hair/nails, and pain/inflammation. I rate this business an A++++++ and would call them to get your fix. If you are looking for the best of the best, and best prices in the industry, pick up the phone and call this company. Thank you guys!”

Miguel Bertonatti

“Amazing! I was super skeptical of this whole thing only because I didn’t know what it all was! Now that I am a regular infusee I am addicted!! I have more energy, sleep better and all around feel better! The only symptom I experienced was tasting vitamins after (which I found out means better absorption) and a warm sensation over my body (everywhere - which I actually kinda like lol). I also HATE NEEDLES but Dr. Rodriguez is amazing with the needle - I literally don’t even feel it! Love love love it!!! Highly recommend for anyone! Oh and he is available 24 hours - literally!! I get my infusions at home or at work!!!”

Alessa Hachigian

“Great service, amazing results”


“This company is great. I had a long flight and was jet-lagged beyond belief. They came right to my hotel room. The customer service was superb. I was infused in like 15-20 mins, didn't even feel a pinch. I immediately felt renewed and energized. Ready to conquer this vacation in MIami the greatest city in the south. Thanks Wellness Iv Infusions!”

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