Welcome To
Kati Art Glass LLC

Art That Inspires.
Art that Pulls
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Welcome To
Kati Art Glass LLC



Welcome To
Kati Art Glass LLC

Bringing Your
Desired Art
Piece to Life.

About Us

My fascination with glass art started when I decided to solder a design onto a piece of mirror. It became my first art glass project, which was a complete failure because solder does not stick to glass. From there, my journey began.

Today, with over 30 years of creating stained glass art, fused glass art, and paintings, I can confidently bring pieces to life that inspire you.

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Calling out all art collectors, art and gift shoppers, and all art enthusiasts!

All individuals have the opportunity to easily browse my work. You can send messages for any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

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Want to have a deeper look at my work?

Watch my video to know more about my stained-glass and fused glass art, and designs and ideas

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