"New! Rent-a-key - save your money!"

What will you have?

Work with different data server brands as well as Excel spreadsheets in one application, even one window
Powerful data analysis and aggregating with no coding at all
Incredible density of data objects
Easy modification while keeping working version intact
Ability to use SQL statements if user decides it is necessary

Try it for free! And you’ll see new world! You’ll buy it if you like it, but you have 30 days to play with it
absolutely free! And first of all, watch the demo to see tiny fraction of what you can do with the platform.

Licensed annually or monthly. Special pricing for education and not-for-profit organizations.

About Us

JustDo helps people transform data into actionable insights. Explore with limitless visual analytics. Build
dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Share your work with anyone and make an
impact on your business. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people
everywhere use JustDo to see and understand their data.

Data management

Centralize access to your data in the cloud or elsewhere – each application allows to access different brands and sources of data
even in the same window.
Make aggregations such us SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVG and any combination of them with no code. Create ad hoc queries, or chose
among data sources tables and views with no code.
Create endless data objects like charts, grids, list boxes, combo boxes, etc. on tabs and nested tabs on tab pages. The motto is
Everything – applications, windows, objects, data sources! Everything!
Open and tile several windows on a screen and deliberately choose objects of interest – they will interact regardless of are they in
the same window or not.

Data interaction

Manage not one but chain of your data objects simply by selecting record under any
predefined logical condition between objects and much more.

Data Security

Never loose your work – each move or stroke is seamlessly saved on a fly as well as size, location, font and
color. You want to edit application – you can make a clone and start to work on it without any change to
original application.

Share in seconds

Share an application with a few clicks to start a conversation
around data with your team.