Goal Setting

Goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes.

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 Data Preparation

It is the process of collecting, preparing and consolidating data into one table to use for analysis purposes. Our data preparation service goes to the next step.

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Data Modeling

After the goal setting and data preparation the mathematical stage begins. We use our previous experiences to find the statistically relevant variables as well as their coefficients.

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Mission Statement

Help customers to achieve their goals.

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quantitative skills

Putting our models to the test: We were able to develop a portfolio that ranked 3rd best return for 1st
half of 2018 (Jan to Jun) Source: LINK HERE

About Me

Firm believer that with the correct quantitative model we can answer any questions. The complexity level of the question does not exclude a mathematical solution. It does, however, require a deeper understanding of which variables significantly impact the outcome.

I have graduated University of Chicago MBA with an Analytical Finance major. I have developed effective quantitative models in marketing, finance and logistics since 2005. These models were developed for manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies.

For fun I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast. I wish I could develop a quantitative model to use while on the mat!!!

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