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Eldahmy aims to unite passion and resources to serve their clients with unparalleled pharmacy services. We provide the tools, information, and ease the process of obtaining a retail prescription. Our accuracy and clinical knowledge make us different from other pharmacies.

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Client Testimonials

We treat patients like our family. Take a look at how we satisfy our clients.

“I am extremely grateful to Eldahmy Wellness Pharmacy. Without their assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to receive the medication that we needed for my aunt. The way they helped us and went out of their way to is unforgettable.”

Zac Martin

Zac Martin

23rd Street

“It is just because of the dedication and wellbeing of Eldahmy that my father was able to get the medication that he needed to maintain his health. Thank you so much!”

Velma Jay

Velma Jay

12 Main Road
Zac Martin, 23rd StreetVelma Jay, 12 Main Road

Career & Certificates

With the rapidly evolving scope of pharmacy practice, it is becoming widely essential that pharmacists progress with time. Our pharmacists relentlessly strive to explore the ways to handle the current challenges of the profession.
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Laboratory & Team

At Eldahmy, we consider our laboratories of high standards and acquire highly qualified faculty. With our specialized team, we ensure precise results, routine, and testing, accepted by the doctors nationwide.
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Prolong Life

taking care of your health

Setting the right goals while being in a treatment will definitely help you get closer towards the recovery. You don’t have to make them long-term or complicated, at least at the beginning. We don’t want our patients to have mental stress that can cause roadblocks on the way to the full recovery.

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1985 National Ave #1103 San Diego, CA 92113, USA
Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

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Ahmed Eldahmy APH Advance practice pharmacist . is a board certified Family Medicine physician who provides primary care

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