Concreters Canberra

Specialising in all your residential concreting needs, we are dedicated to creating durable, functional and visually
appealing surfaces to improve the value of your home.


Concreters Canberra is a popular residential contractor providing various concrete services in Canberra and its surrounding areas. We ensure the quality delivery of our work, so you enjoy a robust and functional surface throughout the year.

At Concreters Canberra, we provide a range of concreting solution to homeowners. We take pride in our work, whether it is about repairing a driveway or installing house slabs and foundations. Our professionals can create a workflow and timeline based on customer requirements and can finish the work within n agreed timeframe. We use advanced machinery and modern tools to provide quality concrete services that meet every standard and customer needs.

All of our services come inclusive of ongoing customer support. We will discuss the design, layout and colours preferred and provide expert advice to devise the best strategy for your concrete requirements. All site clearing and preparation can be provided, along with all formwork and steel work.

Throughout our years in the residential concrete business, our professionals have worked with several homeowners and investors to design, recreate and install different types of concrete structures. We are specialists in creating driveways, paths, house and extension slabs and Alfresco patio areas. Our dedication to providing quality services welcomes exceptional attention from our customers, motivating us to remain diligent and dedicated to our work.

Residential Concrete Services We Proudly Offer:

  • House Slabs and Foundations- Includes Waffle Slabs and Conventional Slabs.
  • Carport and Shed Slabs and Foundations
  • Alfresco Patio Areas
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Re-Sealing and Colour Sealing
  • Decorative Finishes
  • High Pressure Clean

Before Courtyard

After Courtyard

Coloured Concrete Driveway

Decorartive Concrete


Shed-slab and Driveway



Patio (2)

Waffle House Slab (2)

Waffle House Slab

Driveway Cove Finish