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Specialising in all your residential concreting needs, we are dedicated to creating durable, functional and visually
appealing surfaces to improve the value of your home.

About us

Concreters Canberra is locally owned and operated. We proudly provide concreting services to Canberra and its surrounding areas. Specializing in residential concreting services, we ensure that your concrete work is done right, using reputable local suppliers to create a superior finish.
Our reputation is everything to our business. We build trust with our clients by providing expert advice and professional workmanship and from that relationship, we grow our business through referrals.
We are known for our ability to work to tight deadlines without causing significant disruption. Our professionals also clear the area after completion of the project, and our customer-oriented service ensures a smooth delivery of your requirements within your budget.
Concreters Canberra is part of a fully insured company and ensures compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and all relevant WH&S standards.


our services

Concreters Canberra provides various residential concreting solutions to create and improve the look and value of your property.

Alfresco patio areas



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Have a look at our ongoing and completed concrete projects. We always use high-quality materials to deliver the best quality results and satisfaction to our customers.


“We choose Concreters Canberra to pour a fresh driveway and redesign our existing exterior layout. They completed the work very professionally and on time. Their representative was also quick to resolve my queries and constantly detailed me about the progress of work. I am thrilled with their budget pricing and have no hesitation in recommending them for your concrete services. Thank you, Concreters Canberra, for making our driveway look amazing and providing friendly support.”

Olivia Samuels

“As a home owner, I had the chance to work with Concreters Canberra. Honestly, I am amazed by their work order and professional approach. I hired them to pour a garden shed slab and to carve a footpath to my patio. They delivered their work as per expectations, and I look forward to hiring them again.”

Karl Keith Jones

“My experience with Concreters Canberra is nothing but positive. The staff were reliable, friendly, and passionate to deliver the work as per my requirements. Also, I found Concreters Canberra very competitive in pricing, and they were quick to resolve any issues during the process.”

Ben Richardson Jones Sr.