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Aqua Purification is confident that it provides the highest professional services in cistern and domestic water supply management. Our professionalism is second to none when it comes to assessing the client’s water quality needs and making the right informed decision for making your drinking water microbial free and safe for drinking from the tap.We can raise your confidence in your cistern water by making it safer than bottled water. Our services are directed by a trained professional who has a degree in Public Health and over 30 years of experience in water quality management. We are customer oriented and strive to ensure customer satisfaction with the products we supply and services provided.

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What We Do

Water Quality Testing

Aqua Purification offers water quality testing for any Customer who is too busy to do this for themselves or who would prefer to have the service done by a professional.

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Cistern Cleaning

It is our Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) that when a request for our cistern cleaning, repair service or installation of UV filtration water treatment.

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Gutter Cleaning

If you need a light weight, less clumsy (not made from concrete) but highly durable Manhole cover, Aqua Purification can provide and install your cistern manhole cover.

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Flat Roof Repair

New and old cisterns can and at times develop leaks due to fracture (cracks), porous concrete and high water pressure that forces water through the compromised area.

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Discover the Great Reasons to Trust Our Skills

We provide the highest professional services cistern and domestic water supply management. Our professionalism is second to none when it comes to assessing your water quality needs and helping you make the right informed decisions.

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Ensuring Your Invested Time and Money is Secure

With each project, new or existing, we take the time to work with you to ensure that the project is completed on time and budget. Your investment is as important to us as it is to you.

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Who We are

Our Philosophy

We endeavor to provide services that would ensure high quality and potable domestic water supply.

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Our Products


We provide a water sample
collection service that affords
water testing of your water

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Ultra Violet (UV)
Water Purifier

We provide, install and maintain
the UV water disinfection
system which kills bacteria

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Whole House
Water Filter

We maintain a stock of complete
filter housing with cartridge
ready for installation that

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These come in various sizes and
types in order to address
specific water quality issues.

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What People Say

“The Maids has provided my office with excellent cleaning services for the past year without missing a day of service. Now I can focus on my job, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.”

Melisa Dowen


“Very satisfied. Our house looks like we just moved in! Our wood floors are cleaner than I could ever get them myself. All I can say is I would recommend this company to everyone.”

Emily Clark


“I was so impressed with work of your fantastic team! I love coming home from work to a spotless house that smells fresh and clean. I recommend The Maids if you want the best around!”

Andrea Wilson


We Work to Provide Impeccable Home Services

Aqua Purification is a small business with a good reputation and professional approach towards the delivery of its services. We treat our customers with great respect as each one is regarded as highly valuable. The director of the company holds a Masters Degree(MES) in Environmental Studies.

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