There are so many facets in life, like purpose….each time you think one is figured out,several new ones unfold. Use prayer as a daily reminder to never give up and to enjoy the life found in the journey.

It gets hard to decide what to pack and what to leave behind. The life of an expat is all about packing up and moving ahead with little to carry and more to give. You always know that the adventure is out there but convincing your heart in the way of finding true adventure is a difficult thing to do.

The non-glamorous aspect of expatriate life comes from leaving family and friends back home and watching their lives move on via social media highlights, emails, and telephone calls. Anyhow you can always make new friends in a different part of the world. If you are planning to be an expat, be prepared to miss the ones you love!

As I read through my numerous journals from the 1990s to early 2000s, I am reminded that I kept God close to me and prayed to Him daily for guidance, protection, and favor: Matthew 7:7-8 – Galatians 5:22-23 – James 4:7 – James 5:11-13 and my favorite Jeremiah 29:11. These verses also helped comfort me as I was away from loved-ones.

It is absolutely a wonderful opportunity to serve humanity and explore the multitude of emotions they are going through on a daily basis. You experience diverse people, food, art, fashion, and landscape. Everything close to nature. It gives you amazing life experience and a huge number of interesting stories for bringing them to work.


Everyone has a purpose of life, and that needs to be discovered. Each time you think one is figured out; several new ones unfold. Purpose of our life is layered over one another. We get what we strive for, and once we achieve it; our heart begins to wish for more. Life is a long journey, and you need to spend it differently. It has to pass, but why not figure out the ways that make you contented. Use prayer as a daily reminder to never give up and to enjoy the life found in the journey.


In the way of my Love for Africa and Passion for , I Found my Vocation!


Serious bikes are fun

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September 28, 2013

Miami Street Style

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