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Hands of Afrika was established in 2019 after commencing my journey in trying to learn more about the history of Africa, my ancestors, our life back then, traditions and norms practiced, in order to build a strong foundation for my daughter. I also wanted to venture into a different career altogether away from my finance background as I didn’t find it fulfilling anymore. I have always wanted to start a business from a humanitarian perspective and this is what Hands of Afrika is all about. Some years back, whilst doing outreach work as a youth leader in the church back in my home country of Zimbabwe I came across a lot of talented, yet disadvantaged young people and it broke my heart because I was limited in what I could do to help.Years later, after so much procrastination and still trying to get by in life, I finally decided to jump in the deep end and start this project because I feel it’s a vision that has not left me and the calling within me to commence this project has grown even stronger now.

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