Welcome to
Asperian Nation®

Neurodiversity Accelerates Organizational Performance.


Welcome to
Asperian Nation®

We Champion Employees with Autism ASD and their Workplace.


Welcome to
Asperian Nation®

Asperian Nation Provides Neurodiverse Business Strategies to Winning Companies.

Is Your Workplace Vibe Making Your Company Thrive?

Asperian Nation  ®    Founder

Layne Kertamus MA, SPHR and Founder, has deep expertise in building thriving Human Capital ecosystems. He has created valuable stakeholder outcomes for 20+ years in a variety of industries. He says. “Virtually all success comes from the right interplay of people, strategic neurodivesity, and exemplary leadership.”
Layne guides you to the top level of performance.


Asperian Nation ®  to…

Gain a Competitive Advantage using a Strategic Neurodiverse Business Plan
Move beyond the traditional “paint by numbers” diversity and inclusion approach
Improve strategic and operational decisions by hearing all the voices in your company
Strengthen the HR function as a Center of Excellence
Mediate workplace disputes and improve relationships

Our Work


Our courageous clients have the inside track on making neurodiversity a strategic advantage.

Neurodiverse Business Strategies

When you have a neurodiverse business strategy you operate at a new level of productivity. Businesses that are “mind blind” never seem to utilize all the potential they already have on board. Neurodiversity and competitive strength go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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Our keynotes are always relevant, unique and inspiring. Let us keynote your next business function or meeting. Your attendees will be raving about the great experience they have with us, no doubt about it! Call today and we will help you create a fantastic meeting.


We provide career coaching to executives and employees who want to get unstuck. We help you navigate your world and utilize your strengths.

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